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Obesity In you and your Pet: The Solution to a Healthier Lifestyle

Obesity Article- FTHMV

Do you ever notice pets can kind of look like their owners? The tall, lengthy dogs with the skinny, tall owners or sometimes the bulky dog with the overweight owner.

Being overweight whether you’re a dog or a person is dangerous for your long-term health. In this article, I break down how obesity begins, the hormones that keep you from becoming obese, the emotional triggers of obesity and how From The Heart Mobile Vet can assist you and your pet in living a healthier life together.

How is Obesity Brought On in a Human or Animal?


All of our bodies are made up of a hormone called Leptin. This hormone is produced by fat cells and it interacts with areas of the brain that control hunger. It also signals to your body when you’ve had enough to eat. When people and or pets become overweight, they lose the sensitivity of their leptin receptors, so their brain is not properly signaling to their body that it has had more than enough, to eat.

Since the obesity gene secretes leptin and leptin are produced by fat, then you can actually reduce the gene by reducing your body fat…bringing back the chicken or the egg…but no matter which came first, the one YOU have control over (in you or your pet) is the body fat. 

As your body fat is slowly reduced and your muscle mass increases, leptin sensitivity returns, and leptin production decreases, thereby decreasing the presence/ activity of obesity genes in you and or your pet’s body. 

Indulgence in White Food: Major Cause of Obesity


Obesity can be brought on by you and or your pet over-indulging in white fat like simple sugars.  White bread, pasta, white rice, potatoes, and sweets are all examples of white fat that can coat you and or your pet’s internal organs and create very dangerous health complications.

Foods that Keep you and your Pet Healthy



Eating fat does not necessarily make you fat. When you or your pet eat healthy, omega 3 rich fats  and omega-6 food such as salmon, flax seed, fresh basil, broccoli, rainbow trout, walnuts and sunflower seeds, it will not result in body fat.

It is the intake of simple carbohydrates and simple sugars that stimulate the insulin cascade that increases both leptin and insulin resistance.

How  Can you Control you and Your Pet’s Weight Destinydog-and-owner

While being overweight can be traced back to genetics, the truth is YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR GENETICS. You have the ability to turn OFF and turn ON genes. This is called epigenetics and can be modified and manipulated by your nutrition and lifestyle choices. It is HOW you can regain control of your body, your cells, your life and your happiness. Same goes for your pet.

Is it EASY? Not if you are a normal human being. Is it WORTH it? When you want to live out your life feeling good, happy and ready to take on anything, and you want your pet to feel the same, then yes, it’s worth it.

Unfortunately, it often takes something extreme to make a real change. But the good news is we have many warning opportunities in which our body TELL us we are on the slippery slope to health problems, so we have the chance to stop and change direction.

If you choose, you can and will learn to become AWARE of when your body is messaging you. If you understand that pain is never “normal”, and “aging,” in and of itself, is NOT a disease, then you will listen to your aches and pains, and slow age-associated illnesses in the healthiest of ways.

Changes you and Your Pet Can Make For a Healthier Lifestyle


A couple simple changes you can make to create a healthier lifestyle for you and your pet is by taking a walk every day, portioning out your food and making sure your dog doesn’t consume food that is grain free, as grain is not a natural part of a dog’s diet, which is why grain can be hard on their digestive system. Same thing goes for cats and fish. Many cat foods contain fish as part of the ingredients, however, many cats have a sensitivity to fish. Find out some great food choices through my video.

Being overweight can also be a coping mechanism for an unresolved emotional trauma. Buried underneath most health issues, is an emotional trauma that is “held” somewhere in the body, causing a level of physical pain or even eventual illness if not addressed.

A great way to resolve those emotional traumas is to seek out extra assistance such as a life coach, spiritual coach or emotional/chakra “cleansing”. Without clearing up the traumas and dramas that we have all had, you are at risk of falling back into unhealthy physical patterns and pains.

For more information about shaping your life and allowing your pets to help you heal (and vice versa), visit our sister website Drtiffany.com or call (818)632-4498.