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Happy Clients

Hi there, First I want to thank you all for the special people you all are. Abby became short of breath late Sat. night and we took her to VMSG so she would not suffer. Too sad to call & lv. message. But Dr.Tiffany, you had made all the difference in her life with your home visits and kindness. It will be awhile until we think about another pet, but when it happens, you will be the only person I call to start the next one off right from the beginning. Again, thank you for everything you did for Abby, our little “crabby” angel.

Lynda & Richard Whitney

Shiloh is running free now.
No more pain.
No more wobbly legs.
No more problems.

The doctors at AVC felt the paralysis could not be reversed.

Thank you for all your help the last couple of years.
I know it was your treatments that kept her going as long as she did.

Teri Evans

Echo is such a happy little guy tonight & seems exceptionally relieved from the pain he was feeling just this morning!!
🐯 & 🙋🏼‍♂ Say Thanks Dr. Tiffany!!!

Echo's Mom

Animals know Dr. Margolin keeps us healthy. Thank you!

Karen Burton

Thank you for your kind, compassionate care. You made a most difficult time very peaceful. Lucy understands Maggie is gone, which helps.

Julie, Ojai

Excellent medical knowledge and treatment, plus follow/up

You’re the best!!

We called you because we had to. We call you back because we love to.

Julie Wilcox, Goleta

You and your service is top drawer in our opinion. Thank you very much.

Richard, Santa Barbara

I had 2 English Mastiffs when I met Dr. Tiffany, Baby Girl and Dude. Needless to say vet services were many. When My oldest Mastiff, Baby Girl got old and to the point of not walking well, the heavens brought me Dr. Tiffany. She has an amazing confidence and love that just shined from the first minute I met her. She took care of Baby Girl fully and from her heart for the last year of her life. I am so grateful to have been able to give the very best to my Baby Girl and Dr. Tiffany was that, THE VERY BEST. I highly recommend Dr. Tiffany to all my friends. I am so lucky to have her in my and Dudes life now. Dude really loves seeing her when she comes to our house and jumps right into her truck, tail wagging to get some love from Dr. Tiffany.

Hillary Courtemanche, Montecito

We have really delicate cats and they have been the best, the most understanding. And Dr. Tiffany with her mobile approach takes so much stress away and is really worth it for them. She has such a very good bedside manner with them and us…its a fact…we have had to do some major things and I’ve really felt like whenever they are with (Dr. Margolin) they are in good hands. I love that she is taking care of them.

Jaimie K, Montecito

Tiffany is knowledgeable, caring and kind. Her team can be counted on to respond to any situation quickly and lovingly.

Brenda Blalock, Montecito

Putting our dog, Reggie, down was a very painful decision for my wife and I but we both felt that the vet did a great job in letting Reggie pass away very peacefully with the dignity he so deserved.

Kind and care-filled experience for all pups! Thank you!

Thank you for becoming a part of our family. Gyro enjoyed meeting his new friends. Thank you Shampoo for a great consultation. You’re one of the reasons we chose From the Heart Mobile!

Janet, Santa Barbara

Dr. Tiffany, you are great!! We love having you as our vet!!

Always an adventure with the clipping of one of my cat’s nails. And as Dr. T can tell, her stare down of her was long & intense. Service as always AAA, however, after 2+ hours, my cat is still mad, but this if perfectly OK. Thank you again & again.

Everyone was always so professional and caring at our appointments and when the final time came, and we had to say a final goodbye to Tenni, they were so helpful and kept me informed of what was happening. Thank you, Dr. Margolin and staff.

Wilber and kayle love you all.

Sharon, Santa Barbara

Gyro loves when you come visit us! He said, “thanks for making my mom feel like she did a good job dealing with my first tick! Also, thank you, Sue, for trimming my nails and I enjoyed meeting a new friend! Have a great week all of you! ” P.S When can I meet Shampoo. My mom says she’s really nice!

Janet, Santa Barbara

After you left my kitty Spam was purring and trotting about better than he has in quite some time. I only wish I had gone to you folks first instead of his having to go through the trauma of being crated up and taken to vet centers for his care. Thank you for the outstanding service you provide.



We had Corky groomed today. Doesn’t he look amazing? I thought you would like to see a cleaned up version of him! Thank you for all your “miracles”.

Lisa Overstreet

Thank you, Dr. Tiffany and staff for the kindness, gentleness and compassion shown to me … and my kitty, MewMew last month. Making the decision to euthanize a dear pet is a difficult one but holding MewMew while she “got her wings” and knowing that my decision was lovingly the right one was very comforting for me… Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do. I am so grateful that you were here for me.

Laurie Thurber

Dr. Tiffany, Jessica and pam thank you so much for the sweet sympathy card and for being so caring when I was there with my beautiful bird (rooster) Chicohomony back in February. Sorry it took so long to respond back. It sounds silly maybe but the loss of him was so difficult for me and this may sound even stranger to you but my boyfriend who gave me him was dying in the hospital at that time. The day he went on a respirator life support is the day I came home and Chicohomony couldn’t breath. A very weird coincidence to my opinion. My boyfriend is also the one who helped me always give treatments to Chicohomony for the on going mite problem. If Gary didn’t live I had know one to help me continue treatment. I was so worn out and distressed when I came in. I don’t know if God really works this way but I felt like maybe my sweet bird tried to take Gary’s illness for him and that he died and went to heaven so Gary didn’t have to. So I lost my favorite beautiful but Gary lived which is a true miracle. I’m an artist and this is what Chicohomony and I did together everyday, we were together for hours as he had a special shelf outside my art window to watch me paint. I would sing to him and touch him through his screen. When he didn’t have mites he came in and sat on my lap while I would pain and he loved it and I loved him. Here are some cute photos of he and I that I wanted to share with you. He was such a love. Thank you for your sympathy.

Teres Rochelle

Dr. Margolin, Thank you and your staff so very much for the kindness you showed to our little pug, Emily as well as my mom and me over the last few weeks. You gave Emily a wonderful last week of her life with the acupuncture and laser treatment as well as the muscle relaxant. It was like she was ten years younger. When the time came to “give her her wings” last Tuesday you were all so very kind to us, making a difficult decision and experience much less so. We thank you for being wonderful.

Megan Owings and Coleen Owings

Dr. Margolin, On Wednesday night of this past week you went to my parent’s house and helped our 14 year old beagle, Daisy, pass in peace. I was the one Skype-ing in from 3500 miles away at Ross’s veterinary school. I wanted to reach out and personally thank you. Daisy was truly the reason I chose to pursue veterinary medicine and she has been my best friend nearly my whole life. Wednesday was easily the most painful, difficult day of my entire life, and I feel compelled to thank you for treating my family and my dog with so much compassion. Being in the veterinary field, I often encounter veterinarians who have become so desensitized to the human animal bond that they fail to fully live up to their oath. Thank you for guiding my parents through the process. Thank you for treating Daisy with so much love, for being gentle with her, for taking her to your own home, and for being so comforting to all of us. Please also thank your animal communicator. She made a statement on behalf of Daisy directed at my dad, and you would never believe how spot on she was. Her words have been a recurring topic of conversation in my family, and we are all so touched that she was able to pick up on what she did. Being so far away from home was not easy, and it meant the world to me that you took the time to turn to the camera and discuss your methods with me and ask what I wanted for her. I keep replaying that night, and I am at peace with how she left us. Thank you for giving me that peace. I wanted you to know that you have impacted me both personally and professionally. Daisy is the reason I am giving my life to animals, and I aim to honor her and emulate the professionalism, character, and compassion that you showed last week in my own career. Thank you again.

Tiana Araya

Special thanks to you Doctor Tiffany, for giving me extra time with Charlie. You kept him out of pain, and you gave him outstanding love. Charlie had a very dedicated, and caring doctor, and a very caring staff. Charlie is buried under a big tree, surrounded by flowers and toys. More people visit their pets then their human relatives. Thanks again! Oh yes the plant is beautiful! Our love and appreciation

Gloria Caplen

The enclosed, undated letter was started at the very end of September 2005, the day after my Buddy died. It was added to, from time to time, but was put aside each time to handle the sense of loss it envoked. Six months later, you still deserve the “Thank you”. Forgive my tenderness. Dear Dr. Margolin, Thank you so much for trying to save Buddy. You all were so kind to re-arrange your schedules, cancel appointments, and endure the possible negativity from animal owners who had to reschedule. Dr. Margolin, you went the extra mile for Bud, a little old common crow who was my friend of many years. I will always have true admiration for you for that. I’m sorry you had to suffer the frustration of using your extensive knowledge and expertise, and have other circumstances dictate the outcome. I buried Buddy out back near the white boulder where we used to sit in the afternoon sun. She couldn’t walk very well because of her disabilities but she loved to play in the grass, all the while voicing her pleasure in both human English and raucous crow. Many times her wild counterparts would fly in to investigate the strange site of a crow talking to a human. Crows are very family oriented and wanted to protect her. However, Buddy didn’t know she was a crow and, as the members of the wild ones increased, she would head for me, begging to be picked up. One time I counted more than 40 crows, with more flying in. Buddy’s security place was under my chin, murmering and scolding the other crows. It was amazing to me the number and varieties of vocalizations she had to tell me what she was feeling or what she needed. But there was one time she refused to talk to me at all. She was angry at me because I had to go back east for two weeks to take care of my ailing mother. When I returned, she refused to have anything to do with me. I really think she believed I has disappeared forever, and it was a shock to see me again, and she was angry. After that, I started saying “I’ll be back” every time I left the house and “I’m back” every time I returned the house. I never had that problem with her again, even on long absences to go back east. Buddy camt to me trough my wildlife rehabilitation work. She was severely emaciated and dehydrated, could not stand up, and she had white feathers, indicating the malnutrition. (later, I was to discover she had stress fractures in both legs.) she wouldn’t eat and had to be tube- fed for 2 weeks before she even attempted to eat. After a month of intensive hands on treatment to save her life, I knew she could never be released, but I simply could not have her destroyed, and so she remained with me, very loved, and now very missed. Once again, thank you for seeing Buddy’s condition as an emergency and acting accordingly, trying to save her life.

Beth M

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