Is Lavender Safe for Hamsters? [Answered]

Is Lavender Safe for Hamsters

Did you recently learn that certain herbs are harmful to hamsters? We understand if you’ve become worried about whether lavender falls on that list. So, is lavender safe for hamsters? Yes, lavenders are safe for hamsters. However, it should be given in modest doses instead of big ones. Lavender contains many nutrients and ions. These are beneficial … Read more

Hamster Intestines Coming Out: 8 Possible Reasons

Hamster Intestines Coming Out

Went to clean your hamster’s encampment but ended up finding something quite different instead? Upon taking a closer look you might discover that your hamster was hurting? Why are my hamster intestines coming out? Your hamster has a rectum prolapse. It isn’t exactly rare among hamsters and other similar rodents so you shouldn’t be shocked. … Read more