Can Chickens Eat Raspberries? Is It Safe?

Can Chicken Eat Raspberries

You went to the local market and bought too many boxes of raspberries. Now. you are thinking if you could feed those extra berries to your chickens. So, can chickens eat raspberries?  Yup! Your chickens can definitely eat raspberries. In fact, they love every berry kind. Organic raspberries are extremely safe and their leaves are … Read more

Can Chickens Get Ticks? [Debunked]

Can Chickens Get Ticks

You notice your chickens are getting restless. They are staying up all night with soft cries. They keep picking at their wings and running around tirelessly. So, you’re thinking of a common disease after seeing these. But, can chickens get ticks? Yes, they most definitely can the disease comes due to dirty coop. Ticks mostly … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Turkey? [Explained]

Can Chicken Eat Turkey

After a festival, there are usually a lot of leftover turkeys. We understand if you want to feed those to your chickens rather than spoiling them.  So, now the question is can chickens eat turkey? Yes, chickens can eat turkey. It is not only safe for them to eat but also beneficial for them. But … Read more